Dubrovnik activities


The City Walls of Dubrovnik are among the most impressive and best preserved defence systems in the world. With more than a million visitors each year, it is the most visited museum in Dubrovnik, the City that was in 1979 included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The major part of the city walls with its impressive fortresses was constructed during the 15th and 16th century. Discover the Old City walking along the walls accompanied by guide, who will show you the most important sights and introduce you to the glorious history of Dubrovnik. Enjoy the view over the Old City harbor, picturesque narrow streets and squares, Cathedral, Franciscan and Dominican Monastery, imposing Lovrijenac, Revelin, Minčeta and Bokar fortresses and other sights. TIP: We recommend to use a cable car to make the guided walk more  exciting and enjoyable.


Abseiling is the controlled descent down a rock face using a rope. When you visit Dubrovnik, first thing you will notice are magnificent, ancient stone walls that surround it. We will be waiting for you above the western entrance called Pile gate and abseil you down the walls to the main city street, the popular Stradun. No previous experience is needed for this small adventure, because you will be monitored by our rock climbing instructors all the time, until you are safe back on the ground.


Unique sea kayaking excursion Southeast of Dubrovnik, just breathe away, like a guardian angel stands Lokrum Island. Its beauty unshaded by the magnificent city. The rivalry of The City and Lokrum lasts for centuries as they compete in their undying dance of harmony only to break even as they are a perfect match. Discover Lokrum’s special attraction: a small lake, called Mrtvo More (Dead Sea), a unique lake linked with the sea, Botanical garden, Fort Royal, Benedictine monastery and many others, on this unique sea kayaking adventure. We will paddle from Pile bay until wereach small cove just below Benedictine monastery. We will spend at least one and half hour exploring the beauties of the island. Spending time on this special island is a real detox & energy recovery treatment. After time on Lokrum, we will paddle around the island exploring the island from the sea side (all the caves) toward.

Duration of the tour: 4:30 hours


See Dubrovnik’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed Stari Grad, literally Old Town, from the Adriatic Sea with this romantic 2.5-hour sailing cruise in a 16th-century ‘karaka’ (carrack) replica. Nurse of a glass of sparking wine and gaze at the horizon as the sun sets. Sit on the deck and gawk at the Old Town with its red-tiled roofs and thick medieval walls. Indulge in the onboard buffet, loaded with delicious Dalmatian goodies.

Board on the replica of a 16th-century galleon for an evening of sailing, sipping and savoring southern Dalmatian delights. With the sun setting on the horizon, lounge on the deck and take in the stunning views of the amazing Adriatic Sea, verdant Lokrum Island and, of course, the tall medieval walls that surround UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town of Dubrovnik. Enjoy onboard buffet, filled with locally made cheeses and meats.


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