Rajecke Teplice – Slovakia

Rajecke Teplice – Slovakia

You can find this small spa-town something about 15 kilometers south of another big city Zilina. It lies between two rivers- Rajcianka and Kuneradka. Rajecké Teplice is enclosed with deciduous and coniferous forests of Súlov hills and Lucanska mala Fatra Mountains. Those mountains are connected there and create a valley with beautiful green scenery. The population of the town is about 2800 people.

What is very enviable is clear air without any air-pollution and with minimum content of dust. Therefore, Rajecké Teplice is something like a recreational or holiday place for tourists. Visitors love town especially because of curative thermal springs that gave the settlement its name. Name Teplice means in Slovak,, hot springs,,. No wonder, that the Spa had become an integral part of the town. Around Rajecké Teplice,there is wonderful nature with rocky formations, caves and cracks from dolomites. You can find there a large variety of Carpathian flora; we can see badgers, foxes, martens, red- dears, owl or eagles in the woods.


  • very attractive location – nature, sport, culture
  • proximity to the Czech Republic – 4,30hours drive or flight to Bratislava
  • one of the TOP wellness destinations close to CZ boarders
  • all year round destination for Wellness
  • high service standards


Duration from 60 minutes from Prague,  Czech  Airlines,  Smartwings – direct. Prices start from 120EUR per person.


  • Bike tours in nature
  • Hiking trips to the surrounding greenery
  • visit  Rajecke Teplice town
  • Museum of transport Rajecke Teplice
  • Lietavsky roost



Rajecke Teplice SPA AphroditeHotel Aphrodite Palace**** has an excellent location in the centre of spa town and offers a total of 111 rooms. The hotel is connected with the spa house Aphrodite through a glazed bridge, enabling guests to pass with “dry feet” directly to the water and sauna world or top equipped beauty centre Beauty Aphrodite. Hotel is dominated by a grand stylish lobby and restaurant decorated with marble, onyx and 24-carat gold. The concept of the restaurant with a capacity of 205 guests was created with the assistance of one of the best Slovak chefs Marian Fila from the castle Afrodita in Čereňany.

Rajecke Teplice SPA AphroditeIn accordance with the latest trends, you will find not only a wide range of international cuisine but also popular local specialties.

Hotel is located about 2hours far from Bratislava Airport and offers double rooms from 150EUR incl. breakfast.


Spa Aphrodite is the decoration of the city. Several years ago, SPA was completely reconstructed. They are built in antic style and they became the center of social life. The thermal springs of 38 °C hydrocarbonate-calcium-magnesium-containing curative water have curative effects. Now there are treated degenerative diseases, conditions after injuries, surgeries of joint and spine, neurogical conditions, and some vasoneuroses. Among neurological conditions in the spa are treated postpolio conditions, neuromuscular degenerative diseases, non-spastic pareses, Parkinson’s disease, and some occupational diseases.


Of course, you can visit SPA just for fun or to have relax in hot water. Within the complex of spa treatment, balneotherapeutic procedures are applied (baths in piscine pools, pearl, thermal and carbonate baths, whirl baths, solarium, parafango, music therapy, laser therapy, electro acupuncture, aqua aerobic, solux, scotch spray-guns, sauna, underwater massages etc.


Rajecke Teplice – Slovakia

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