Ten tips for successful incentive travel

  1. First of all, set the budget you wish to invest in it. If the goal of the trip is to motivate and reward employees, do not skimp on it. As mentioned above, the investment will return manifold.
  2. Another important step is to determine the amount of time you want to dedicate to the incentive trip. This will influence your choice of destination. If you have 2-3 days available, including all transportation, we do not recommend selecting a destination with long flight connections – choose a closer locality with direct connections. The truth is, if the whole trip becomes rushed, it significantly impacts the overall experience. It’s also good to take into account that for the employee, travel for the incentive trip begins with the ride to the airport, and for those participants with a residence outside of Prague, this can mean several hours of travel to the airport, followed by flights and a transfer from the airport to the hotel. It is therefore advisable to make this first phase as pleasant as possible. This is why we always help you choose the most effective flight connections.
  3. Based on the first two points, we will help you narrow down the options for your destination. We always present two or three choices so that you can discuss them in your company and pick the best one. We will, of course, suggest ideal transportation, accomodation, and itinerary for each of those destinations so that you have a chance to consider all of the elements at the same time. After all, incentive travel is all about the experiences.
  4. As soon as you choose a destination and a suitable itinirary, internal communication will become very important. It is necessary to plan it and phase it so that together, we can keep the employees motivated and full of anticipation. Typically, we send several official invitations and in these, we gradually reveal further elements of the program and a surprise for the employees. We take care of the graphic design, content, and delivery of the invitations, and we always suggest to include online links to forms which help us finalize details such as sizes of tshirts the employees will receive as gifts; preferred mode of transportation to the airport; choice of meat, fish, or vegetarian menu; and many others. Everything is arranged in a simple way so that it takes the employee 1-2 minutes at most to fill the form in, but these details allow us to take care of each employee as an individual and prepare everything on site so that everyone feels surrounded with perfect service and personalized approach.
  1. Since the incentive travel is mostly intended as a reward and motivation, it usually also comes with a gift or a promotional item related to the destination. We always recommend practical items the employees would not purchase for themselves; it is even better if they will get to use the item during their trip. We will of course add custom printing and your company logo onto the items.
  2. We will discuss these other practical topics with you: room list, list of participants, catering details, requirements for a conference room, or other requests based on your internal agenda.
  3. We place emphasis on the welcome the guests receive upon arrival to the destination itself – it is good to prepare a welcoming letter (which can also be personalized and signed by the GM), a room gift, and a welcome drink and refreshments after a long flight. We will help you with decorations and transfers of all necessary internal materials.
  4. Photodocumentation and video recordings. We always try to make sure that each participants brings home a photo from an interesting place they visited, from a specific program element, and a photo with their colleagues. We prepare paper frames with the design theme of your event and everyone will receive two or three printed photographs as a souvenir before heading to the airport on the way home.
  5. We think of every detail. It is also good to think of those who might opt out of a more strenuous sports activity on the itinerary. We always have an alternative program prepared for these participants.
  6. Our presence during your entire stay at the destination is a matter of course. We are available to you 24 hours a day during your incentive travel abroad with our flexible and 100% client-oriented approach.