What is the key to successful incentive travel?

The most important aspect that will ensure successful incentive travel is the choice of destination and itinerary. The basic prerequisite is that both the location and the program must be interesting, unusual, and unforgettable. The itinerary must be built to allow the employees to experience something they do not often have a chance to experience in their private or family life. If the employer focuses on this aspect of incentive travel and respects it, the employees will be given not only a pleasant opportunity to rest, but most of all, an experience which will significantly deepen their relationship to their employer.

Any kind of destination may be chosen – from exotic locations to local places. The most important part is to choose an interesting program full of experiences suitable for the particular group of employees. It’s not always true that the more exotic destination, the bigger the impression. Incentive travel offers incredibly diverse options – from skiing next door in Austria, complemented by a visit from a professional skier, a dog sled ride, or learning to make ice sculptures. Or a trip to Lisbon and the beautiful coast near the holiday destination of Cascais, spiced up by local wine tastings, an excursion on a stylish catamaran, or yachting. Then there are the ultimate adventures, for example at Papua, with a hike to the tree people and experiencing the traditional tribe celebrations, primitive food preparation, and a visit to a local market where money has no value – one can only pay by bartering. Incentive travel is completely open in this and we are here to help you plan and organize it to the last detail so that your employees never forget it.