Why should you do incentive travel with us?

In our minds, incentive travel is predominantly about impeccable client service where no detail is overlooked. Wherever you are in the world, we want you to feel our 100% involvement, openness, flexibility, professionalism, and support in any aspect. Each trip is custom-built, with emphasis on perfection and attention to even the smallest detail.

We will prepare your foreign itinerary for you from A to Z, create graphic design for the entire event (invitations, visuals of destination, maps, information, etc.), plan all necessary transportation and not only from the office to the airport, secure airplane tickets (individual and group fare), arrange catering and accomodations to the last detail, process photographs and documentation at the location, and help with choosing the right gifts, graphic prints, or other promotional items for the event. We will approach each employee and their partner as individuals and respect their dietary habits or requests. At the location, we will prepare a program you will never forget, and we will create a professional video- or photodocumentation as a souvenir from the trip.