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During Historical and enchanted Porto Tour you will explore the whole Old Town with its City Wall, Bridges, parks, many squares, the Riverside, Uptown etc..Yuo´ll go through history, a lot of funny stories, what to know about the Port Wine and gossips about this great city.

Proffesional guide will show you:  Avenida dos Aliados, Romantic Part of Town, Harry Potter’s library, Clerigos Tower, Jewish neighborhood, Miradouros, Sao Bento Train Station,  Medieval city,  Ribeira (Riverside)

PORTO CABLE CAR – during the tour

The Gaia Cable Car construction began in March 2009 and the public operation started after two years, in April 2011. The cable car became a touristic attraction and a sustainable mean of transport, connecting Gaia riverside promenade to the upper deck of D. Luis I bridge over river Douro nearby Jardim do Morro Metro station and the belvedere of Serra do Pilar convent church.



Taylor’s Port wine cellars in the heart of the historic area of Vila Nova de Gaia, across the river from the old city centre of Oporto are 300 years old but have been recently renovated to incorporate a modern and innovative museum. What it was already excellent, is now even better! Here you will learn about the history of Port wine, how it was produced in the beginning as compared to modern days, how it was brought to Porto to age and then shipped to Britain. Here you can enjoy your wine tasting up on the terrace while taking in the magnificent views over the city of Porto. You have to do a bit of climbing to reach Rua do Choupelo but it’s worth the effort! The cellars are long cool, dark warehouses, their thick granite walls and high ceilings helping to keep out the heat and maintain an even temperature throughout the year. This ensures that the wines age slowly, gradually acquiring the sublime complex flavours and aromas of maturity.

Private degustation tour for your group. During the tour the visitor will be given the opportunity to learn about the fascinating history of Port wine, as well as that of the House of Taylor’ making it one of the oldest Port companies.


Oporto Canyoning is an exciting and fun outdoor experience that will make your passage by Porto unforgettable. You can swim in clear pools, jump from rocks, slip into natural toboggans, rappelling or do zip-line and you find yourself in a magical environment, between rocks, beautiful waterfalls and cristalline water. Portugal has a climate that makes this activity even more enjoyable.
If it’s your first time you will be alright, it’s easier than you imagine. The guides will look after your safety and make sure you’re fun all the way through the canyon. Please note that jumps, zip-line and slides are not compulsory. You can decide according to your abilities and mood. The experience will be stunning anyway.


If you are spending some time in Porto and you want to climb the best rock climbing routes without wasting time, or simply you want to start in this sport, this is the right chance for you. Experienced guides will introduce you the appropriate routes to your level and expectations.


Rio Paiva – The Best  River for Rafting in Portugal


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