Bled activities


Escape to an active break in the picturesque world of the Julian Alps, Triglav National Park, and the emerald green River Soča! Here, you will be enthused about incredible active adventures, which make the Soča Valley one of the most popular outdoor destinations in Europe.The River Soča is an incredible terrain for various water sports, whereas the pools and the calmer parts of the river offer possibilities for relaxation and fishing. Water sports in the Soča Valley – kayak, rafting, canyoning.

Rafting in the Soča Valley is one of those active trips that simply must be ticked off your adventure list. The most popular rafting route on the River Soča is 10 km long and runs from the bridge near Log Čezsoški, in the immediate vicinity of Boka Waterfall, to Trnovo ob Soči. The first gentle rapids of the River Soča accompany the rowing team with a guide, followed by more demanding parts of the river.

Rafting on the River Soča takes 2–3 hours. There are no special skills required for rafting except swimming.


Take to the skies on an exciting zipline tour through Slovenia’s unspoiled Soča Valley. With a 5-wire track that hovers 656 feet (200 meters) above ground and stretches 1.9 miles (3 km) through the trees, this 3-hour tour is perfect for the nature enthusiast and adventurer. Breathe in crisp mountain air as you cruise through the forested valley, catching unbelievable views of the Julian Alps and more!

Your thrilling aerial adventure starts nearly one mile (1500 meters) above sea level in the valley between Kanin and Rombon Mountains. Prior to setting off, get a short safety lesson, put on the provided protective gear and strap in for the approximate 2.5-hour circuit through the longest zipline course in Central Europe. You’ll soar along five towering lines, each over 0.3 miles (500 meters) long, through a rugged alpine valley, reaching top speeds of 37 mph (60kph)!


If you want to gain height to enjoy the views of the mountains and the starting points of the tours in an easy and comfortable way, taking the cable car ride to Vogel is an excellent choice. Ski center Vogel can be reached by cable car. One of the must-experience activities in Bohinj is driving by Vogel Cable Car that lifts visitors from Bohinj lake (569m) to Vogel ski center (1533m) in only 3-4 minutes ride. This is a probably perfect place for view on the lake and top of the mountains around it.


Enjoy the day of beautiful views in the Julian Alps stating from Bovec. Visit the largest ski jumping facility of the world in Planica Valley. You will not miss the visit of scenic Lake Bled, with breathtaking views on a island in the middle of the lake and picturesque Lake Bohinj, surrounded by breathtaking alpine peaks of Triglav National Park. On the way back experience also engineering masterpiece of historical train ride back to Soca Valley.

During the tour you will have chance to drive across Predel Pass to Italy for a short while and return to Slovenia for stop in Planica Valley. Continue the tour past skiing resort Kranjska gora and arrive to Bled Vintgar. Easy walk through a natural gorge made by river Radovna in the last Ice Age offers splendid views of water force, with cascades, waterfalls and crystal clear water full of trouts. Then the tour continues with Bled Castle. More than 1000 years old fortress on top of a cliff offers incredible views of Alpine landscape. After leaving Bled the tour continues to Bohinj Valley. Set in the heart of Triglav National Park it is centre of pristine nature, beautiful mountains and glacial lake. Stopping at the lake shore you will enjoy stunning views of Triglav (highest mountain), beatiful St. John the Baptist church and its frescoes. Later we board a cartrain that will take us to the other side of Bohinj Alps, back to Soca Valley and return to Bovec.


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